China and their follow up to the Olympic Opening Ceremonies

All China Games opens with dazzling ‘Super Bowl’ display

Skateboarder’s Paradise!

Day Trip: Luray Caverns, VA

Looking for a great day trip experience, check out the caverns!


Studio Statistics

Did You Know?

Of the official 24 members of the Lifestyle Studio - 21 are LEED accredited, which equates to 87.5%

Our Male to Female ratio is 9 to 15 or 37.5% male and 62.5% female (CK’s favorite stat!)

Of the official 24 members of the Lifestyle Studio - 13 are currently titled, which equates to 54.2%

Currently the members of our studio are working on over 55 different projects.

So far individuals or teams within the studio have participated in at least (5) design related competitions this year - Green Suite (DF, YT, NM, BDP); NAOIP trophy (MR, BDP, YT, SJ, SH, CK, BR), Habitat for Humanity classroom (AC, VM, NM, CR); See-Me Screen (YT, CK); Modular Sunshine State classroom (CK)

Inspiration - Music Video

This is a super tight music video, which was comprised of static images stitched together and animated. Hopefully this provides some inspiration the next time you are putting together a presentation. I would love to see us push the limits of what we are producing and showcase the creativity of the studio. Hope you enjoy - CK 

From Jeff Desom: “The finished animation is mostly made from early twentieth century photographs that I found while browsing through the vast collection of the U.S. Library of Congress. I also used old postcards from New York that I purchased at a flea market in Paris. Most of the time I would only zoom into a tiny portion of the picture and utilise that as my frame.”

“The hardest part was to make it look as if it had been pasted together from a lost reel depicting this curious experiment where they’d lightened up a piano and thrown it off a building only to see what would happen. The kind of unnecessary crash test executed under the sole purpose of drooling over the beauty of slow motion.”